Kamikochi hikes (上高地)

Kamikochi is the gateway to the Kita Alps, and the scenic valley is the perfect place to set up base camp and explore the surrounding hills. Although most of the higher peaks are much too huge and difficult to do in one day, there are a few great walks and hikes listed below that can easily occupy your time for a few days. The best place to be based is definitely Onashidaira (小梨平) campground, which is only a 10-minute walk from the bus terminal. Be sure to grab the tent sites closest to the river if you can, since the ones in the forest lie along the main hiking path to Karasawa and Mt. Yari, which can be quite noisy.

This site has a lot of current information on Kamikochi, including some discount accommodation.

Taisho Pond

Myojin Pond

Mt. Yake


One Comment on “Kamikochi hikes (上高地)”

  1. Mandy Says:

    Thanks Wes! Terrific job on the site – you’ve helped so many people (including myself)!

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